Posted by: tsideq | June 29, 2012


I woke up, rolled up
to my 9-5 five minutes late and got wrote up
from my boss I wanna choke up,
making CFO bucks
just to fuss about the time I show up.
I get to work at an early time,
cuz I got a date at 8 with a flirty dime
with a perverted mind.
But…shit…I missed it, cuz I had to leave work at 9!
Wednesday, Thursday:
Fuck it then!
Late both days, and two write-ups to rub it in!
They give a fuck when I’m coming in?
but since I work late,
now my flirty date got some other men!
Oh, now it’s Friday?!?
Nah, fuck that…IT’S MY DAY!!!
I come in two hours late, looking at my boss sideways,
eyes glazed,
with a slight crazed smile on my face.
And he’s quite irate…
…so I wait…
…and then it comes…
“Michael, you’re quite late.”
I smile (in fact) at this.
I grab his head, still laughing,
as I BASH it against the file cabinet.
I think I heard a crack…
“Was that your skull, Boss?
Well, let me fix it at no cost.”
I pull him across the office,
grab a stapler, and (yes)…
…with a *BLAY-KA BLAY-KA*
An hour later,
I’m in a cell, sitting 8 deep;
thinking to myself,
“What a great week.”


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