Posted by: tsideq | July 16, 2012

Too Many Seeds

Too many children
Too many seeds
Too many proceeds of the sex deed
that we don’t need.
I’m not saying don’t breed,
but how many more mouths are you gon’ feed?
It might sound like misanthropy,
but a child is a life, not a damn trophy.
A wise man tol’ me
that “The land will withstand, but man won’t be.”
…And here you’re bringing more to this planet,
and it’s
too much for you to manage.
There’s another life damaged,
including his and yours; a fuckin trife sammich.
And it could’ve been avoided:
morning after pill, and (KABOOM) it’s null and voided;
or it could have been a condom in the toilet…
…instead, we have another fuckin life, cuz you spoiled it!


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