Posted by: tsideq | August 31, 2012


I’m a circumstance away from the rock working man
on the block serving grams;
pursed hand around a baggie, giving dap transactions.
But that’s another path; pan it back…and ACTION!
The setting ain’t the streets, but an office suite,
with an awfully sweet reception that offers sweets.
My first interview after college…sweet.
I’ll see pay the legal way week after honest week.
I was naive!
My sins against humanity
were hid within the mantle of business banditry.
I mean, dammit, we candidly underhanded families,
and they promoted me instead of damning me.
And then I saw a different man in me:
A crook that’s defined by what he’s getting annually.
An honest living without the fucking morals;
What if the rules are different in another portal?
Imagine life where the drugs are legal,
and what they call a crime
is people fucking over people over for the bottom line.
Executives would be ducking cops all the time,
and I would be the fall guy, because I AM the bottom line.
If we lived in that society there,
alot of Mitt Romney’s would probably fry in the chair.
I’ve got it nice, and for this I’m thankful;
but the shit is mangled
when I see it from a different angle.


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